Huge boobs babe Danica Danali

Huge boobs babe Danica Danali
A man could spend all day just sucking and squeezing and fucking Danica Danali‘s 38J-cup tits. Stud Johnny Champ was hard at work outside the house before Danica summoned him inside for an afternoon break to work on her tits and pussy.
“At one point, I weighed my boobs,” said Danica. “One of my boobs weighs six pounds and the other is six and a half pounds. My nipples are very sensitive. So light pinching is okay, but I don’t like anything harder than that.”
Danica is a natural at adult entertainment in more ways than one.
“Before I started modeling, I’m not really sure what I thought about it but I didn’t want to do it in the beginning. It seemed scary. I guess I exaggerated my fears and anxieties about it because it’s really not that bad. Now I like everything about it. I like the experience. I like the people. I really like the results. It just seemed like a natural progression. I started modeling in lingerie and it slowly progressed from there.…